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  HerbTracker™ IS HERE!

HerbTracker 1.5 is the great new Windows Application that is a must for every Herbal Medicine user!
It makes keeping track of Herbs that have medicinal uses and your personal Recipes a breeze!
Throw away that old worn out notebook and do it the easy way with HerbTracker!

    Easily view the Herbs you use!
    Easily Edit and add new Herbs!
    Easily Edit and add new Recipes!
    Add Warnings and Attributes
Absolutely the best way to keep track of your Medicinal Herbs and Recipes!
Herb "Attributes" are their properties such as (Antibiotic, Antiviral, etc.) With HerbTracker, you can easily add all of an herbs attributes from a drop down list. Don't see the attribute you need, easily add a new one in minutes.
Easily add Warnings such as "Avoid if Pregnant" to each herb and add new ones quickly. Like the "Attributes, simply choose from a drop down list and quickly add new ones!

Simply check off the attributes that apply to the herb your adding or updating, it's just that simple!

With over 60 of the most common attributes already in the list, your sure to find the one your looking for.

We have already added over 20 of the most common herbs used and the ability to add hundreds more, so your sure to have room for all of your herbs.

With a place to add your favorite image of each herb, you won't need to worry about trying to guess what it looks like.


You can get yours TODAY at the introductory price of just $19.99.

That's half off of the regular price of $39.99!
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